FlightPower offers unrivalled access to modern battery technologies for motive power from high-discharge lithium ion battery chemistries for UAVs and aircraft to NCM and LiFeP04 chemistries for electric vehicles that are excel in safety and cycle life while taking advantage of the latest nano materials for very high performance. FlightPower is also renowned for its long history of leadership and innovation throughout both the supply and demand markets. With the ability to scale directly from single vehicle prototypes and media-grabbing speed and endurance demonstrators (in both ground and airborne vehicles), through to leveraging economies of scale to support mass production, FlightPower brings together novel technology with unique leadership experience in global change from fuel to electric power. We hope you will select FlightPower Lithium Polymer Ltd as your partner to support your UAV, EV or industrial project from first concept to market leadership. We can assist in reducing cost, complexity and lead-times in the mission-critical field of battery design and delivery and often provide access to cutting edge technologies that are not otherwise commercially available.

Automotive grade

FlightPower pioneered the development and widespread commercial introduction of high-discharge Lithium Polymer as a fuel replacement technology from as early as 2002 achieving global majority market share in the RC hobby market by 2006. FlightPower was a shareholder in cell manufacturer Enerland Co. Ltd. transferring to a pre-IPO holding in A123 Systems in 2008. Under a three-year contract our current team of scientists and engineers lead the development of the A123 20Ah prismatic nanophosphate cell and set up the manufacturing plant in Michigan USA. In 2011 FlightPower developed and trialled systems for electric vehicles resulting in three official world records in electric drag racing. In 2012 the RC business was transferred to Hobbico Inc USA in preparation for the opening of a new factory specialising in advanced EV battery production based on LiFePo4 and NCM chemistries enhanced with Nano scale coating technology. March 2013 we are pleased to confirm that the new factory is in production with the worlds most advanced 20Ah LiFe cell featuring cycle life in excess of 2000 cycles, excellent safety, wide temperature operating range, and the ability to discharge at up to 25C (250% of the power density of traditional LiFe) permitting higher performance in hybrid and pure electric vehicles from smaller and lighter battery packs. Note that this has been achieved without infringing IP belonging to A123Systems Inc. (now B456 Systems Inc., following the collapse of that company). As a result FlightPower is pleased to offer a new and leading source of commercially available Automotive Grade LiFe that is available now.


and developments

April 19th 2013: new 100C discharge NCM cell "code name king of beasts" under development and testing for commercial release expected May 2013. The new cell is a highly specialised and primarily developed for Formula One KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems), however the advantages are many. These include the potential for wide applicability as a light weight and cost-effective replacement for lead/acid batteries in engine/turbine starting systems where to date no practical replacement has existed that could genuinely the starting power, temperature performance, longevity and cost effectiveness of Lead Acid. Unlike Lithium Cobalt LiCoO2 (the traditional chemical formulation used for achieving high power densities) the new cell features vastly superior safety-profile and cycle life making it a viable solution for installation in passenger carrying vehicles. We welcome enquiries for applications for this novel cell from reducing the starting-system weight of sports cars and motorcycles, EV racing to man-portable energy weapons.